Time For A Change?

Thinking of a rename for The Lazy Sniper. I’d actually considered it a few months ago when I rerolled back to my Shadow Priest, but at the time decided to stick with what I was known as. However, I’d imagine that I tend to be known as ‘Jaedia’. It hasn’t been my character name for a while so no worries about that changing, and my post types wouldn’t change either, so perhaps this is a good time to consider a name change to something more neutral. Something that won’t lead people to confuse me for a Hunter, or have me encounter the same problems if I ever, for some reason, wasn’t a Shadow Priest any more but still wanted the blog name. While my domain is up in arms and ready for renewal, or, at the very least, expired, and nothing would be wasted.

So for those of you who find this post, I’d very much like a little input (and tweeting, if you’d feel so obliged <3). Should I stick with ‘The Lazy Sniper’, as that’s what my blog is known as (when I finally get the damn thing unlocked)? Should I consider renaming while my domain is up in the air? (though I’d of course carry on pestering JustHost until they do what I originally asked them to do, just to be annoying at this point) And if I rename, any suggestions (no matter how terrible you might think) that I could play with? Please leave me comments with your thoughts, I’d very much appreciate any feedback from my lovely readers 🙂

So far we’ve got:

  • Crazy Cat Lady
  • Absolution (points upwards)
  • Names Are Hard

So as you can see.. halp!

PS. I miss tidily aligned text.
PPS. I also miss footnotes.