First Day At The Charity Shop

As it says on the tin, I did my first day today at the Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research charity shop today. I wanted to pop into the town a little early so I could run to the bank and deposit a bit of money I’ve accumulated from my cleaning, the same day the guy in front of me decided that the white sign with a black line through it meant got 20 mph slower than you’re actually supposed to. Seriously.. 40mph on a 60mph road? I understand 50, almost, but 40 on a clear road? I’m no speeder but it’s nice to get upto the limit.

I parked up, popped to the bank, then tried to work out the car park payment thingy. I’ve only ever parked in free car parks, or car parks that let you pay at the end of your stay, as the first hour is free I put in 3 hours and the ticket was set to end at 3.50pm. Ehh.. so I decided I’d head off at 4pm for today and get the 4 hour ticket next time.

I was down on the shop floor this time, at first was shown how to use the till and left to it for a bit. Meep. It was fine though, I learnt a few of the ropes today, working out slowly how to go about pricing things up and all that. It’s actually fairly cheap compared to other charity shops. The ones in town price books for around £3-£4, depending on the book, these guys are pricing them for 50p-£1. I spotted A Child Called It and its’ sequel for 25p each and decided to grab those before they went. The staff get a half price discount on things but something doesn’t feel right about getting a half price discount on 50p in a charity shop, if it was a bit more, maybe, but that little I just paid the 50p.

The people there seem pretty nice, hopefully I’ll settle in okay, I’m a fairly quiet person and I worry about “fitting in” because I struggle to join in with conversations a lot of the time but I do try, should be fine. My biggest problem, really, was my shoes. I bought some black shoes from Clarks a couple of years ago and I always struggle to decide whether a pair of shoes fits properly or not when I’m in the shop, figured they’d wear in after a few days but they never did, by that time Clarks wouldn’t switch them for a bigger size. I do have some other black shoes, which to my memory aren’t much better, but I’ll try them. If not I guess I can ask to wear my trainers, because standing on my feet for several hours in shoes that are too small for me is gonna cause me some problems. I have quite wide feet, had this problem for a few years.

Oh, and they gave me a nice bit of cake 😉


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